Too heavy for your application? Time limitations due to cycle times?
You would need better melt flow properties for an ideal injection
moulding result?

How about trying our DYGLASS - brands with individual rate of

Micro-glassbubbles have numerous positive effects on material and
processing conditions; e.g. a faster cool-down of moulded parts and, as
a result of that, a significant reduction of cycle times.

Another important impact of micro-glassbubbles is the density - reduction of
the material - which is an interesting way to reduce the weight of injection
moulded plastic parts, no matter which kind of injection moulding
facility is in use!

In addition, micro-glassbubbles have a positive effect on rigidity and
lead to a mat and scratch-resistant surface.

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DYGLASS - types are available with different percentages of
micro-glassbubbles as well as with a combination of glass- or mineral